Solfege Christmas

Here is the link for 4th and 5th graders to the song Solfege Christmas!  Solfege Christmas

5th Grade Adventures

What a fantastic day of Music! These fifth graders are awesome!  Then you have the occasional students that hang out in the room after school! 

First Day Back

What a wonderful first day back at Kirk! It was so lovely seeing so many familiar faces.  Today, I saw first, second, and third grade. We played some name and rhythm games and learned about the Elements of Music!  Music has many ingredients that come together to make the final product. In music we have …

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Kirk Music is Back

Hello Kiddos! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Mine was filled with singing and traveling. I sang with Angel Vocal Arts in Los Angeles and traveled to Sedona. I also purchased a Disneyland annual pass, so you know where I was! 😉  I am excited to be back in session and I can’t …

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